Cattolica: a charming, safe, equipped beach

A sea that has been awarded the blue flag and facilities for all ages

The Hotel Gabbiano close to the equipped beach in Cattolica, is just 2 minutes from the golden sand and from relaxation on your bed and parasol. This part of the x for the quality of the water and bathing facilities that are available in the area.

All the beaches close to the Hotel Gabbiano have facilities suitable for adults and children. The coast is especially safe as it slopes gently into the water without any dangerous drops and is constantly supervised by watchful eyes of lifeguards. There are many area reserved as play areas for younger children and family areas.

If you like sport and don’t want to give up your fitness routine, the beaches in Cattolica have beach tennis courts, bowls areas and beach volley pitches so that you enjoy yourself on the golden sand.

You are just a short distance from authentic Romagna beach life at the Hotel Gabbiano in Cattolica.