Your hotel with heated pool for a dive into the blue

Even when it’s raining outside you don’t have to say no to a nice swim to relax your mind and body

At the Gabbiano Hotel with its heated pool and Jacuzzi tub in Cattolica, it is not necessary to go to the beach for a refreshing, regenerating splash. All you need to do is go down to the ground floor of the hotel to find an elegant heated indoor pool, just perfect for a few good strokes even when the weather outside is not great.

There is also a counter-current swimming device, which is ideal if you don’t want to stop your fitness regime, even on holiday. You can fully relax and let the water lift your body and give you a pleasant massage.

You can choose how to best spend your time, between the Jacuzzi and resting on comfortable sunbeds that are placed around the pool. This is the perfect area for a nap, reading a book or sipping your favourite aperitif in a peaceful background.